BSF stands for Bio Superfood.

It is the result of research that was instigated by the Russian Government in the 1970’s.  At the time the food industry was growing and meat production was, like in the West, taken over by larger and larger farms. Disease amongst farm animals started to occur and naturally the need existed to address this.

Dr Michael Kiriac was placed in charge of a team to research what could be done.

Bio Algae Concentrate was the result of intensive research (some 20,000 manhours). It consists of 2 parts, BSF for humans and BP (Bio Preparations) for animals.

The whole history of this development can be read in the booklet “The Magic is BAC”.

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Reading this booklet will make the extra-ordinary features of this product very clear.

In it you’ll see mentioned, amongst other things, how the third and strongest formulation was used to treat people who were in the vicinity of Chernobyl when the accident happened. All were suffering from radiation disease and were found to be getting rid of radio-active material through passing urine.

It gives our system an enormous boost towards self-healing.

It is in essence a food that is at the very basis of our food chain but it should be understood that through proprietary techniques the anti-oxidants present are from 20x to 500x as concentrated as they are in normal algae like spirulina. Importantly, it is presented in a form that the body can completely absorb, even if seriously diseased.

To quote Dr Michael Kiriac PhD, ND:  The culmination in holistic cellular nutrition; Bio Algae Concentrate formulas are exclusive blends of micro-algae with synergistic nutritional and nourishing values that results in rejuvenating and in protective effects on the body and brain. Awakening the genius within, these algae spark the body’s own revolution against ageing and declining health. They are the culmination of “bio-nutrition”, the science of selecting, growing and combining foods that have the highest nutritional; completeness, balance and synergy potentials, taking their nutrients and phyto-nutrients to levels that deliver maximum preventative and therapeutic health benefits in the most practical form with minimal metabolic toxicity and burden.

Awakening the genius within, these algae spark the body’s own revolution against ageing and declining health.

It is my personal experience with this product that obliged me to incorporate it into the arsenal that already exists, clients were asking for it and the results were at times extra-ordinary.

While it does not fall into the realm of “informational medicine” as it is a substance, it is so extra-ordinary in its capacity and so simple in application that it has to be part of the selection of treatment modalities.

It can be used as a complement to any treatment and also be used as a stand-alone approach.

More information is to be found on the website of Blue Dragon Essentials


Complementary Techniques

LLLT – Low Level Laser treatment or Photobiomodulation

The use of light in modern day medicine has become a very effective form of treatment in its own right since the development of the low level laser (LLL) and light emitting diodes (LED’s).

Low level laser has nothing to do with the destructive laser we all know. It is based on lasers of very low wattage that have an exact and specifically chosen wavelength while the light is also synchronised, meaning it comes in waves rather than being scattered. This results in it penetrating tissue far deeper than normal scattered light ever can and it will even penetrate the thinner areas of the skull so it can affect brain cells directly.

Different wavelengths of light have different kinds of effects on tissue and the main ones used are blue, red and infra-red.

Because both traditional acupuncture and scenar/cosmodic provide already such excellent means of therapy I use the LLL rarely on its own but regularly in instances where it will enhance results.

I much enjoy the use of it for skin problems and problems caused by problematic scar tissue. It has a rejuvenating effect on all tissue.

Using light becomes even more interesting when it is presented in selected frequencies in direct connection with or as part of the Rife Technology.

TFT – Thought Field Therapy or the Callahan Technique

TFT stands for Thought Field Therapy also called the Callahan Technique.

It is a proven technique, developed by Dr Roger Callahan to address psychological issues like post-traumatic stress disorder and resulting emotions, compulsive behaviour, phobias and the like.

It consists of the tapping of acupuncture points and the use of techniques akin to EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing), which is another technique serving the same purpose.

It is made up of precise protocols and a wide variety of algorithms (combination of points) combined with techniques to address blockages to effectiveness if these come up.

The better know EFT, standing for Emotional Freedom Technique, is a pale and less affective imitation because the latter is carried out in a one-for-all protocol and cannot adapt to individual variations.

I suggest the use of TFT on occasions when the need clearly presents itself, and sometimes if requested to do so specifically. Because the effects can at times be so dramatic, I am always looking forward to using it.