Rife Technology is the original form of resonance therapy, the first of its kind. Resonance therapy is the umbrella term for any therapy that uses electromagnetic frequencies or sound frequencies as a form of therapy, a way towards health.

These frequencies can in the first place be used in the process of removing pathogens on the principle of strongly resonating the pathogen. Everything has a frequency it will vibrate with. That frequency is called the resonant frequency and that is what the Rife Technology makes use of.

They can also, equally importantly, be used directly towards healing on the principle of frequency entrainment, this also includes assistance in the process of detoxification.

How does it kill pathogens?

The killing of pathogens can easiest be explained by using the analogy of an opera singer who uses her voice to shatter a crystal glass. The glass is naturally vibrating at a specific frequency and when the opera singer sings with a strong enough voice at that particular frequency the glass will shatter.

In the same way, each microorganism has a unique and specific frequency (or vibrational rate). When you feed with increased strength this same frequency to the microorganism, it cannot tolerate it and it dies or disappears.

See below a link to a video of a Rife machine killing parasites:

When you watched this video, you may observe how the parasites bursts and leave the remains in the environment they lived in. Of course, this leads to pollution but other programmes will be employed to deal with this safely. There are in fact carefully designed programmes dealing with the removal of parasites from beginning to happy ending.

How does it heal by entrainment?

All cells in our body emit specific electromagnetic frequencies. In this manner they communicate with each other but it is also the way they regulate metabolism by opening and closing to specific substances, letting them in or out. When an imbalance or disease occurs, these frequencies tend to veer away from the normal healthy ones and by feeding these specific healthy frequencies back to the system one assists in the regaining of those healthy frequencies because diseased cells will start to “vibrate” in accordance and regain normal functioning. This is called entrainment.

It is also possible to mimic the frequencies of other substances and thereby assist the body in healing itself in a manner that one could compare to homeopathy. In itself a fascinating application.

Its origin

This technology employed by the ‘Rife machine’ was developed in the 1920s /1930s by the microbiologist Dr Royal Raymond Rife. It initially involved aiming specific electromagnetic frequencies at cancer patients to disrupt their tumour cells in a medical research program appointed by the University of Southern California in 1934. The results documented at the University of Southern California and Pasadena County Hospital recorded a total recovery of some 18 patients from their terminal cancers.

Rife achieved these results with a combination of genius and hard work. He conceived a way of broadcasting these frequencies into the direct environment and the Rife machine was build by another contemporary genius Nikola Tesla.

Rife was first widely celebrated and then his machines were quickly buried by vested interests. He was isolated through criminal actions of corruption and threat. But you cannot kill an idea, and further research into the use of the Rife machine went underground, survived and is still being continued.

Ever since its inception, groups of dedicated researchers from all over the world have worked to develop programmes of related frequencies aimed at a truly enormous variety of named diseases and restoration of healthy functioning.

Mankind should be grateful to these committed people who, still now, so unselfishly release their findings for others to use. There are now also professional bodies selling researched frequencies on line.

How is it used in clinic?

In clinic a plasma machine is used that is capable of directly transmitting electro-magnetic frequencies without needing any fixed carrier frequency that may diminish its effectiveness. This makes it operationally identical to the machine used by Dr Rife. With this machine certain frequencies can be transmitted by the plasma tube to heal as well.

The set-up used also allows the employment of low level laser, various augmented contact modes as well as remote Rife treatment modules using scalar-waves via DNA transmission to enhance the treatment result.

Rife Technology

Who receives Rife technology?

The use of the plasma tube in clinic is foremost for those suffering from an identifiable infection that the immune system is not strong enough to address efficiently. Any pathogenic invasion can in principle be addressed, be they viruses, mycoplasmas, bacteria, fungi, parasites etc.

The remote Rife treatment can also be added to a treatment protocol involving any of the other treatment modalities in order to assist in a successful outcome. There are a wide variety of afflictions that have been seen to respond and this is best discussed in the clinic.

The remote Rife treatment can in a variety of circumstances also be used as a stand-alone way to assist healing. It is proven that distance does not matter. Please contact the clinic for further details wherever you are.

The results have been remarkable at times, also when working remotely.

How often does one need treatment?

To address a single pathogen one would expect 3 sessions to be sufficient.

In the case of multiple pathogens, a systematic approach has to be designed and individually adapted. Parasites for example can carry smaller pathogens like bacteria and then one has to follow a specific order while at the same time assistance in the removal of toxins may be asked for. Lyme disease is an extreme example of this.

For remote Rife treatment a program is designed in clinic and run for a week to observe effectiveness. Once the right program is in place it is run in blocks of 5 weeks.