Scenar is an acronym for Self-Controlled Energy Neuro Adaptive Regulation. Scenar treatment is fully on a par with acupuncture and can equally assist with most health concerns, but without the use of any needles at all.

Used correctly it will aim at the root of the problem thus releasing the potential for the body to find the road to proper healing. Nothing penetrates the skin but a small electrical current which can hardly be felt.

It is a remarkable Russian invention and medical development which started in the 1970’s when it was conceived by Dr Alexander Karasev, then leader of a team set up to develop treatment modalities for cosmonauts in space. Russian literature shows that it will wake the body up to a problem and re-establish the neurological and other interactive pathways necessary for healing and recovery.


In Russia full support exists to research non-drug based forms of treatment. Scenar was developed as the result of extensive Russian research regarding the manner in which the body overcomes problems and heals itself, the so-called Adaptive Response. During this research one realised that the body is as much if not more ‘bio-electric’ as it is ‘bio-chemical’ in its functioning.

In the last 10 years this technology has been stepped up enormously with further developments called ‘Cosmodic’ (“All encompassing” in Russian) and ENS (“That what is”). Dr Karasev says that Cosmodic technology reads the way cells communicate with each other and by responding to this inter-cellular communication it supports cells in their ability to heal, to adapt to changes and maintain their contribution to a healthy body and mind.

As Scenar/Cosmodic enhances the overall coherence of body, mind and emotions, it raises our general health as well, our ability to deal with the stresses and strains of life. It strengthens us in our combat of disease while assisting with specific problems.

The device used in clinic combines the Scenar and Cosmodic technologies.

How does it work?

It works when placed on the skin through special silver electrodes that give off minute electrical signals in varying frequencies. These signals can hardly be felt but are being recognised by the body, leading to a direct response. The Scenar device reads the response, all in milliseconds, and a period of interaction follows during which the body effectively steers the Scenar in its process of recovering its self-healing capacities.

It influences the nervous system, the C-fibres in particular, and also the hormonal system through the formation of peptides and neuro-peptides directly under the skin which triggers a cascade of reactions that lasts up to 24 hours after application. It uses known acupuncture points and existing reflex areas.

In effect, it mobilises all systems of internal regulation, all systems that are involved in healing and in re-stablishing internal coherence.

What is it used for?

Many Russian physicians treat not only chronic and acute pains with Scenar but use it as their main modality for treating a wide variety of diseases and disturbances, be it musculo-skeletal, circulation, digestion, kidneys and reproductive issues, neurological and endocrine problems etc.

But also, for mental and emotional problems we have seen the effectiveness in clinic. When responsibly applied the whole person will be treated as in Classic Five-Element Acupuncture. Often problems that exist in the background need to be addressed as well as they can have a strong influence on the successful outcome of treating the problems that are manifest. This does not result in more treatment sessions but rather less and it will also make reoccurrence less likely.

The device can also be used to determine where to place it on the body, allowing it to assist with local problems more effectively and also to assist more effectively with internal disease, mental and emotional problems and hidden underlying factors.

Duration and frequency of treatment

The duration and frequency of treatment depends, like with acupuncture upon a variety of factors which include the severity of the complaint, how long the person has suffered from it, the extent to which life style contributes to it and what drugs are being taken for it.

Some people only need a few treatments while others many need up to 10 or more sessions. When more sessions are needed these are likely to be given in a block of 5 to 10 sessions with a repeat of a few sessions several months later. This is a standard approach in Russia.

One starts with a treatment once or twice a week and as one progresses any need for further session will become clear.

Who has Scenar/Cosmodic therapy?

Again, like with acupuncture most people come for help with specific symptoms or to relieve pain. Some come because they feel generally unwell but have no obvious diagnosis, no obvious named disease.

Scenar/Cosmodic can also treat preventatively, treat the whole person rather than specific symptoms in isolation and it allows for a totally different approach than Classic Five-Element Acupuncture.

Scenar/Cosmodic is also very often chosen as the preferred method when there is an acute pain or when there is an injury that occurred through an accident. When used as soon as possible after an injury happened the effects can be absolutely spectacular.

But it can also assist effectively to address chronic problems, physical and mental/emotional equally well and for some people it has the great advantage that no needles are used, nothing to penetrate the skin. Anyone can receive this treatment, from the youngest baby to the oldest and weakest person.

Only those with a pacemaker cannot be fully treated though adaptive measures can be taken. Otherwise there are no contra-indications for its use. It can be used effectively alongside conventional medical approaches.

It is preferred that you notify your doctor if you decide to have treatment.