Blue Dragon Health acupuncture clinic is located in Forres on the Moray and Highland coast.

The aim of the practice is to offer a fitting approach to help with the health problems or with the discomforts you are dealing with. This is to best support you, as effectively as possible, in the restoration of your health in body, mind/emotions and spirit or to help you find freedom in movement, freedom of pain, and clarity in making choices in life. And that in a manner that agrees with you.

Four main treatment modalities have been chosen for their proven effectiveness and for their matching yet complementing features, besides which there are a few extra complementary techniques that also can sometimes provide a solution on their own.

Over time and after working with and testing many different approaches these four started to stand the test of time. It is the crystallisation of over 40 years of practise.

Experience taught early on that no treatment modality can treat all, there is no panacea. Feeling the need to find a solution for those who were not helped with one approach the search was on.

Each one of the selected modalities has in its own right the capacity to help with most problems but not all and where one fails the other one often succeeds or can complement the treatment.

Anyone struggling with health issues, also those that do not seem to respond to conventional or other forms of treatment, is welcome to a free informative chat before deciding to have any treatment.